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Your Wild Imagination - Nature Play Activity Book

Your Wild Imagination - Nature Play Activity Book

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Full of engaging activities for kids aged 2-10 years, 'Your Wild Imagination: nature play activity book for kids' is beautiful, practical and easy to use. You will discover new ideas for outdoor play, and also find ways to bring nature indoors - perfect for those times when you're stuck inside. 

The book includes more than 150 stunning full colour photographs, accompanied by simple and easy to follow instructions. The activities are open-ended, children can use their imaginations and create dozens of things from one activity prompt. Also included are 'School Holiday Projects' that combine a number of activities and take longer to complete, as well as photocopy pages and top activities for each season.

This book is also a wonderful resource for early years and primary teachers, home schoolers, parents and grandparents seeking more nature play ideas. 

Printed in Australia on local, sustainably sourced paper. 

Category: Children's
ISBN: 978064866661801
Pub Date: 2019
Format: Hardcover
Age: 2 - 12
Subject: Nature Based Play
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