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Flora Wild Flower Seed Pack

Flora Wild Flower Seed Pack

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Give the gift of seeds! This bee friendly wild flower seed pack is a great way for your little ones to learn and grow through gardening and engaging their natural curiosity and wonder.

Great gift idea for teachers, grandparents, neighbours and ofcourse wonderful for your own garden. 🐝


This mix will provide a nice wildflower display for you to admire along with pollen and nectar for our honey bees. Beautiful and beneficial is the best combo! It is a lucky dip of what flowers you will get as this mix could have up to 25 varieties in it. E.g. Californian poppies, borage, alyssum, calendula, cornflower, lavender, phacelia etc.

Growing Instructions:

Lightly scatter these seeds over the soil in a sunny position in your garden or in a pot and then sprinkle some soil lightly over top. Sow between September and February. Keep the soil moist but not damp until germination and continue to water regularly.

Ways you can help the Bees:

  1. Sow wild flower seeds to provide pollen and nectar as food

  2. Put a Bee Hotel up in your garden to provide a safe home for them to shelter and breed in

  3. Provide spray free water in a dish with small stones and sticks for them to access a drink easily

  4. Reduce your use of harmful sprays and chemicals on your property

  5. Cut your lawns less or earlier in the morning when they are less active.

Due to restrictions on importations of seeds for many countries, this product is available for New Zealand customers only. Thank you for your understanding.

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