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Stockmar Triangular Colour Pencils Metal Case - 12 Colours

Stockmar Triangular Colour Pencils Metal Case - 12 Colours

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Stockmar coloured pencils work in harmony with each other and they blend and glide onto the page beautifully, some say, with an almost creamy consistency.

Shading and colour graduation comes naturally, with a soft and powerful application of colour. These natural, un-lacquered pencils feature a large triangular shape. This ergonomic shape helps artists who are first learning proper pencil grip or who experience writing fatigue. The extra thick lead cores are extremely break resistant, water resistant, wear longer than standard coloured pencils and require less frequent sharpening. And because every picture starts with a sketch, the set also includes a graphite B pencil which can be erased particularly well. 

The pencil wood is from sustainably managed forests, and the pencils come with FSC certification.

Case design is a butterfly sketch, not the bird design as shown in photo.

Housed in a colourful tin box, the set includes:

  • 12 Assorted Colours
  • 1 Graphite B Pencil
  • 10mm barrel with extra thick 6.25mm lead, water resistant and leads never break in the barrel

For over one hundred years, Stockmar art supplies have been held as the highest caliber for art supplies. Using carefully selected raw materials, Stockmar creates exceptional products that are known for their clarity, brilliant hues and consistent quality. They contain no heavy metals and are non-toxic.

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