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Flora The Cut Flower Kit

Flora The Cut Flower Kit

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Wonderful Grow Kits that are handcrafted in New Zealand for you and your family to enjoy. A great way for your little ones to learn and grow through gardening and engaging their natural curiosity and wonder.

These kits are made using a range of sustainable and bio-degradable products which include everything needed to start a mini garden. Even the clear window on the grow kits is made from corn starch.

The Cut Flower Kit Includes:

  • Sweet Pea, Cosmos and Zinnia seeds

  • 3 x peat pots, 3 x peat pots 3 x plant labels

  • A pressed flower activity idea

  • Instructions to grow your seeds

Due to restrictions on importations of seeds for many countries, this product is available for New Zealand customers only. Thank you for your understanding.

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