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Stockmar Opaque Watercolour Painting Set - 12 Colours

Stockmar Opaque Watercolour Painting Set - 12 Colours

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Stockmar's tin of Opaque Watercolors offers the same high-grade, artist-quality paint for which the brand has become known.

The shades of Stockmar's watercolours are carefully designed to be in balance and harmony with one another. They mix beautifully to create secondary and tertiary shades. The colours are rich, and remain powerful even when heavily diluted.

Stockmar Opaque colours are suitable for various different painting techniques; classic opaque painting (over painting), classic watercolour painting, lazure painting or techniques based on a mixture of approaches.

The classic metal tin holds everything for easy storage and transportation. The colours can easily be taken out for quick replacements. The Stockmar mixing palette is not attached to the box, so you can put it down wherever is most convenient for your work - and of course it will be easier to clean than a painting box lid that is being used as a palette. The fine tipped, high quality brush has a wooden handle and is manufactured by German brush-maker Zahn.

Housed in a colourful tin box, the set includes:

  • 12 Assorted Colours
  • 1 Tube of Opaque White
  • 1 Brush
  • 1 Mixing Palette

Each of the 12 round colour pots can be easily removed and replaced. The included tube of Opaque White allows one to soften colours and create pastel shades.

The removable tin palette has 10 compartments for mixing colours, and is easy to clean.

The set includes two tones of each basic color:

  • Lemon Yellow/Golden Yellow
  • Orange/Vermilion
  • Carmine Red/Red Violet
  • Ultramarine/Prussian Blue
  • Sap Green/Blue Green
  • Black/Rust

    Made in Germany

    For over one hundred years, Stockmar art supplies have been held as the highest caliber for art supplies. Using carefully selected raw materials, Stockmar creates exceptional products that are known for their clarity, brilliant hues and consistent quality. They contain no heavy metals and are non-toxic.

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