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Olli Ella

Olli Ella Holdie House Furniture Set - Single Bed

Olli Ella Holdie House Furniture Set - Single Bed

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Furnishings, the pieces that really make a house a home. 

Spruce up your Holdie abode with this collection of minimalist timber furniture with linen & felt accessories - every Holdie House will soon feel like a Holdie Home. 

Snuggle up time for the dolls of the house on a plush bed, with mint and mustard linen bedding, and a sweet timber side table (for books and whatnot). Nighty night!

  • Items are sized to suit a 1:24 scale dollhouse
  • Dimensions:

Single Bed

  • Bed: H 3.5cm x W 5cm x D1 0.5cm
  • Table: H 3.5cm x W 4cm D 3.5cm
  • Boxed: H 5.8cm x W 8.8cm x L 10.8cm

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