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Olli Ella

Olli Ella Holdie Barn

Olli Ella Holdie Barn

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It's the Holdie Barn! A portable home for the new members of Holdie World - Holdie Folk Farmers Poppy & Forest, and all their animals.  

Open the Holdie Barn up to find a roomy cottage for Holdie Folk on one side, plus three stalls for animals, and a loft for the hens and roosters on the other. Latch it shut and use it to store a myriad of toy animals, dinosaurs, and treasures.  

The Holdie Barn is crafted from lightweight New Zealand Pinewood (1.4 kg) and features a vegan leather strap – Perfect for little ones to tote about! 

  • Exterior barn: W30cm x D24.5cm x H22cm
  • Interior stall: W8.5cm x H13cm x D11.5cm
  • Cottage: W28.6cm x H13cm x D11.5cm
  • Upper level: W28.6cm x H6.3cm x D11.5cm

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