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Explore Nook

Explore Nook Wooden Water Ways

Explore Nook Wooden Water Ways

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This natural crafted open-ended Wooden Water Ways set is perfect for children to investigate and experiment with water flow outdoors. The timber wooden channels are made from sustainable approved pine wood and are coated with a water proof oil. 

Children can construct their own wooden watercourses and then watch the water cascade down these rustic wooden channels as they pour the water down a handcrafted wooden funnel. The set includes three different type crafted patterns that changes the way the water flows, a wooden funnel and three chunky wooden blocks to adjust heights and angles. This is a fantastic open-ended resource for children to play with each other as they problem solve together.  

Placing a garden bed at the bottom of a constructed watercourse or catching water with a bucket is a great way to educate children about water conservation. When children are finished with the water for the day the resource can also be used with marbles.  

Due to being a natural resource, weather conditions and location of timber resources will cause timber to undergo different changes. This is typical of all timber products. The humidity, rain and the amount of direct sunlight product is exposed to will all change the rate in which timber deteriorates. 

We recommend that timber resources are sanded and re-oiled throughout the year as required. Please follow the manufacturers directions for oiling.  After wet use, we recommend drying outside which will prevent mould and wood rot. After drying thoroughly we recommend storing the product under cover out of direct sunlight and the weather, which will increase longevity of resource.   

Set includes:

  • 3 Wooden Channels with different patterns: 63(L) x 10(W) x 3.5 (H)cm

  • 3 Chunky Wooden Blocks: 9(L) x 7(W) 4(H)cm

  • 1 Wooden Funnel: 15(W) x 70(H)cm

This product made in Vietnam and is for children 3 years and above.

This set can also be combined with our Wooden Water & Sensory Wheel to create the ultimate sensory fun! 

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