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Bink Car Cup Holder

Bink Car Cup Holder

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Gone are the days where your drink bottle is rolling around the front seat or floor of your car. The Bink compression-fit car cup holder is compatible with Bink Day, Mama & Mini Bottles as well as most large water bottles, tumblers and mugs. There is a slit on the side to allow for mugs with handles to fit comfortably too!

Made using a zero-waste manufacturing process & recycled plastic, these stylish car cup holders come with 4 rubber bands to ensure you get the perfect fit for your car. These Bink car cup holders come in two pieces for more compact and economical shipping, you just need to screw the base to the top and away you go!


  • Silicone compression bands are adjustable to perfectly fit different size car cup holders.

  •  Fits most large water bottles, tumblers and mugs.

  •  Long lasting & easy to clean

You can find the whole Bink range here including matching Bink straws and the Mama pregnancy & postpartum bottles. The main difference between the Mama Bottle and Day Bottle are the tracking icons on the bottle sleeves. The Mama Bottle has time tracking markers specific to the daily water needs of pregnant and nursing women. The Day Bottle on the other hand has more general time tracking markers that everybody can use to achieve their daily water needs.

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