Meet The Maker - Karunika of Seakaboo

We spoke to the founder and designer Karunika of Seakaboo, a family business on what inspires her and what is the key to working with her family. 



Tell us about Seakaboo and what inspired you to start Seakaboo.
Seakaboo was created by myself and my daughter Anukula after she had her 3rd bub and we were looking to buy some cotton quilts.  We have had a connection with India for many years and draw our inspiration from the vibrant culture and traditions. My husband and I went to India not long after and found our suppliers and we went from there. Anukula and I both have a passion and love of natural fabrics and we want to be as eco friendly as possible.  


How do you find working with your family?
Working with family is mostly fabulous as long as communication is always open. 


How do you balance work & family?

Balancing work and family is not always easy as we often have to just do family time and not bring work into it,  it is not always easy to shut the door on work.


What have been some of the highlights of your business so far?
Highlights of the business have been our natural organic growth over the last 2 to 3 years,  and our Mums loving our products.  It is so nice to see our quilts and wraps styled in clients homes or wrapped around a beautiful bub.


Any tips or favourite ways to use a Seakaboo muslin?
Our beautiful bamboo cotton wraps are fabulous as swaddles for newborns, a throw for the pram, head wrap, and gorgeous for the beach to wrap around your swimmers as they are quite absorbent.



Wise word for new mums
Reach out for support as much as possible as it is not always an easy journey. Self care is also a major factor,  just small things like eating healthily and going for a walk to recharge.


View the range of Seakaboo here.
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